• Highly effective in heart diseases
  • Easy availability
  • Zero side-effects
  • International Standards


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We offer Cardiogen Tablets made from 100% natural and safe herbs. Our Cardiac Tablets are highly preferred by doctors worldwide because of their effective results without any side effect. We provide any voluminous amount of Cardiac Pills all over world because of huge supply chain network. Cardiogen Tablets are useful for Heart related diseases, Diabetes, Obesity, Blood Pressure and also reduce Cholesterol level.

Features :

  • Highly effective in heart diseases
  • Easy availability
  • Zero side-effects
  • International Standards


Now a days due to stressful modern lifestyle & changed dietary habits, no. Of heart patients is rising steeply. Further, percentage of youngsters among heart patients is also on rise. The root cause of various heart related problems can be categorised as,

  • High cholesterol (LDL, VLDL) & triglyceriders levels and,

  • Metal Stress.


So we have developed a herbal formulation ‘Cardiogen’, which has cholesterol lowering & stress relieving properties, at the same time it is the combination of time tested herbs that protect & improve functioning of cardiovascular system. Therefore, cardiogen is usefull for patients suffering from heart problems as a medicine & vascular protective tonic. It can be used before or after angioplasty / bypass surgery with the same effects. Further, cardiogen can be used as preventive measure by persons who work under stressful environment, have low fiber, high fat, sugar containing diet, have family background of heart disease, have diabetes, have excess weight etc.


Ingredients of ‘Cardioge’ & their usage / properties are derived from the various ‘Ayurvedic text books’ and are listed below.

  • Protects and improves functioning of heart & blood circulation system.

  • Improves cardiac muscle strength (Hriday snayu bal vardhak)

  • Relieve from mental stress, improves functioning of nervous system.

  • Has anti oxidant properties (Rasayana) and strengthens immune system.

  • Restores the imbalance of ‘Tridosha’ (Vata, Kapha & Pitta), Improves digestion & lipid metabolism (meda dhatu), and acts as lipid regulator.

  • Purifies blood. Improves functioning of urinary tract & liver.

  • Has anti inflammatory & diuretic properties.


Brief Findings of various Clinical studies conducted in India & abroad on individual herbs, which are also key ingredients of Cardiogen tablets, are listed below :

  • Arjuna, Garlic, Guggul (Purified), Shilajith (purifie)

  • These herbs help to lower LDL (Low density Lipoprotein, also known as bad cholesterol) & triglycerides levels and increase level of HDL (High desnity Lipoprotein, also known as good choloesterol) in the blood. Further, these herbs helps to improve functioning of heart & circulation. Thus the combination of these herbs act as Cardiovascular protective tonic.

  • Bramhi, Ashwagandha, Sarpgandha : These herbs relieve from mental stress, and help to reduce hypertension & normalize blood pressure.

  • Gokharu, Punarnava : These herbs have anti inflammatory & diuretic properties

  • Suntha, Miri Pimpli : These herbs improve digestion.


Ref : Brihat Nighantu Ratanakar, Bhavprakash Nighantu & others .. The above information is a compilation of findings of various clinical research data available on the Internet.


Recommended Dose : 2 Tablets twice a day after meals OR As directed by physician.


Side Effects : Cardiogen tablet, a 100% herbal formulation, is not known to have any side effects, if taken as per prescribed dosae. Cardiogen tablet is safe for long term use.

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