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Brand Name   :    Celltone Tablets 

Quantity           :    2*10=20 Tablets

A powerful Tonic of Bhasmas, Rasayanas & Herbs to Tone up Health & Body Mass of All Ages..

Description   : 

     Ayurveda Has described seven essential constituents of human body,they are called as SAPTADHATUS. These are Rasa (Lymph),Rakta (Blood),Mansa (Muscle Mass),Meda(Fatty Tissue),Asthi (Bone Mass),Majja (Nerves Tissue) and Shukra (Reproductive Secretions).These Essential Constituents are lost everyday due to hard work & exercise without proper rest,leading to life of stress  strain and fatigue. CELLTONE is specially formulated from selected Ayurvedic Medicines,in order to restore these body essential constituents and regain their balance.This restoration of SAPTA DHATUS helps to increase the working stamina and frees oneself from stress,strain & fatigue problem.

Composition  :

Vidari Kand Tub.(Rt.Pueraria Tuberosa)                 :    50 mg

Varahi Kand Rz.(Dioscorea Bulbifera)                      :   50 mg

Kavach Bee Sd.(Mucuna Pruriens)                            :    50 mg

Gokharu Fr.(Tribulus Terrestris)                               :    50 mg

Trikatu (Generic Preparation)                                    :      15 mg

Shuddha Shilaji (Asphaltum Purified)                      :     10 mg

Suvarna Makshik Bhasma (Generic Preparation)   :    10 mg

Mandur Bhasma (Generic Preparation)                    :    10 mg

Veldode Fr.(Elettaria Cardamomum)                        :      5 mg

Hingul Shuddha (Generic Preparation)                     :      5 mg

Vang Bhasma (Generic Preparation)                          :      5 mg

Abhrak Bhasma (Generic Preparation)                      :    2.5 mg

Roupya Bhasma (Generic Preparation)                     :     2.5 mg

kesher Sty.& Stg.(Crocus Sativus)                               :     0.5 mg

Colour : Lake Of Tartrazine Yellow

About Us     :

  • Celltone is a combination of effective herbs, Minirals & Bhasmas.
  • Which nourishes 7 vital Constituents of Human
  • Body(Spta Dhatu) Viz… Lymph, Blood, Muscles
  • Fatty Tissues, Bones marrow and Repordcutive Secreations
  • This Helps to improve Physicial Strength, Stamina And Relive Stress, Strain & Fatigue…

How to used:-

1-2 Tablets Daily(According to Age)or as advised by the physician.

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