DO’S  &  DON’TS :

Dietary changes that may be helpful   :

  1. Include fiber containing items in your daily diet like carrots,beats,radish,cucumber,green leafy vegetables,whole grain floor,oats etc.
  2. Avoid foods containing lots of carbohydrates like rice,maida,potatoes,bananas,pineapples etc…Avoid food containing sugar,fats candies,sweets,cheese,butter etc.
  3. Avoid oily & spicy food.
  4. Divide your diet as far as possible.small & frequent meals are advisable.
  5. Do not miss a meal.

Lifestyle changes that may be helpful :

  1. Exercise regularly : Exercise daily for 30-40 minutes,preferably under guidance of professional or physician.Even regular morning walk and light ‘YOGA’ is helpful.
  2. Avoid mental stress.
  3. Try to regularize your lifestyle,take adequate sleep at night,avoid sleeping in the afternoon.
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Brand Name              :    Dybonic

Presentation                   :     2*30 Tablets

Product Description    :

It is rational combination of 19 herbs useful in diabetes. It reduces blood sugar level naturally. It reduces debility associated with diabetes, improves stamina. It improves functioning of vital organs. It improves digestion and liver function. It also improves pancreas function.

With the help of our experienced professionals, we are able to offer premium quality Antidiabetic Medicine . This product is used to improve lower blood sugar level naturally functioning of vital organ & systems of the body & gives protection to them against ill effect of diabetes. The offered product is formulated by our vendors using the premium quality natural ingredients in faithfulness to the set industry norms. Our customers can avail this product from us in various pack sizes at very minimal price.

Composition                       :

Each Tablet Contain

Meshshringi Lf.                       :     90 mg

Jambhula Beej Sd.                  :     90 mg

Karela Fal Powder Fr.             :     45 mg

Vijaysar Powder Bk.                :     30 mg

Neempatra Powder                 :     30 mg

Guduchi Powder                      :     30 mg

Daruhalad Powder Bk.           :     30 mg

Gokhru Panchang Rh.            :     30 mg

Shudha Shilajit                         :     15 mg

Suntha Powder Rh.                  :     10 mg

Miri Powder Fr.                        :      10 mg

Pimpali Powder Fr.                 :      10 mg

Amala Powder Fr.                   :      10 mg

Haritaki Powder Fr.                :       10 mg

Behda powder Fr.                    :       10 mg


Highly effective Longer shelf life Safe to consume.

Other details:

Diabetic Care Medicine :

Modern medicine for the treatment of diabetes, Just lowers the blood sugar level, but as per concept of ayurveda diabetes causes deficiency of “Saptadhatus” (seven essential of the body), Further these medicines do not gives protection against ill effects of diabetes on various vital organs & systems of the body . More questions of lowering effectiveness & side effect due to regular consumption of these medicines remains unanswered. Keeping these facts in mind , we have developed ‘Dybonic Tablets’,a rational combination of 15 effective herbs,the usage of which are derived from the ‘Authentic Text Books of Ayurveda’ & are as follows.

  • It helps to lower blood sugar level naturally
  • Enriched with ‘Purified Shilajit’, it reduce debility associated with diabetes, improves stamina & restores deficiency of ‘Sapta Dhatus’
  • It helps to improve functioning of vital organ & systems of the body & gives protection to them against ill effect of diabetes
  • It purifies blood,improves digestion & helps to functioning of lever & pancreas
  • Ingredients of ‘Dybonic “have good antioxidant properties & strengthens immune system
  • After regular use of ‘Dybonic’ diabetic patients find themselves more fit,fell an improvement & experience a better quality of life.

Recommended Dose:

Blood Sugar Level (After foot):

120 mg to 200 mg 1 Tablet 2 times a day after meals

200 mg & above 2 tablets 2 times a day,After meal

Side Effect:

Dybonic tablet,a 100% herbal formulation,is not known to have any side effects,if taken as per prescribed dosage . Dybonic Tablet is safe for long term use & can be taken along with other medication.

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