• Provides relief from toothache & eliminates bad breath

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  • Provides relief from toothache & eliminates bad breath
  • Collected by bees from plants, is well known from its ability to nourish and protect gums.
  • Anti- bacterial properties make it nature’s most effective germ fighter. It helps prevent cavities, bleeding gums.
  • The natural antiseptic qualities in mint help to fight bacteria growth and prevent infection.

Babool 900 mg

Lodhra 900 mg

Behda 450 mg

Sajjikhar 450 mg

Meswak 300 mg

Tomar 300 mg

Laung 150 mg

Dalchini 150 mg

Lavana 150 mg

Fitkari 100 mg

Karpura 50 mg

Pudina sat 25 mg

Ajwain Sat 25 mg

Nilgiri taila 25 mg


Highly Useful in swollen gums, bleeding gums, pyorrhoea, gingivitis, loose teeth, tooth – ache, tooth decay, spot & stains, bad breath & for compete oral hygienes.

Direction For Use :

Apply on gums & teeth in the morning & at night before brushing & massage gently & brush after 2-3  minutes.




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