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Evening skin tone

Reduces scars and blemishes



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Vedankur Honey Almond Soap

Benefits:- The Vitamin- E in almonds and the antioxidants present in honey will gives natural glow to your skin. Honey has anti-bacterial properties which help prevent acne and scarring. Both remove impurities and dead skin cells..


Brand :- Vedankur

Category:- Ayurvedic Soap

Net Weight :- 100 Gm

Standard:- Grade I, 76% TFM

Impressive Ingredients List :- Soap Noodles, Color Sandal Glow, CI No. 12700, 26100, EDTA, SLS, Glycerin, B.H.T, Almond Oil, Perfume, Honey Purified Water.

Why Vedankur’ s Honey Almond Soap :- 

Antimicrobial: Honey has antimicrobial qualities that allow cleansing of the skin without stripping the skin’s natural oils. Research has show that the antimicrobial properties can assist with clearing up acne as well. Damaged Skin: Honey does possess carcinogen preventing and anti-tumor properties

Two B vitamins contribute to the maintenance of normal skin. Almonds offer 25% of the Daily Value for riboflavin and 6% of the Daily value for niacin. Almonds are a good source of copper, which plays a role in skin and hair pigmentation. Linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid, helps prevent skin dryness.

  • Honey Deeply Moisturizes and Hydrates the Skin. …
  • Honey Diminishes the Signs of Premature Aging. …
  • Honey is an Effective Pore Cleanser and Gentle Exfoliator. …
  • Honey Lightens Scars and Hyperpigmentation. …
  • Honey Fights Acne and Breakouts. …
  • Honey Relieves Sunburn.




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