Kesar Personifies Beauty Imparts Fairness and Normalizes the Body Temperature. Kesar Also Helps Absorb Bad Odour from the Body. It Is Used for Acne and When Applied to the Face It Makes It Smooth. Facial Bar Soap Removes Dark Spots and Makes Skin Fairer, You Feel Refreshed and Its Effect Stays Long.


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This Herbal Blend Is Created To Help Balance Your Skin’s Oil Production And Gives Highly Glossy Skin With Pearl Finish. Saffron Oil Is An Effective Skin Lightener And Help To Improve Skin Tone. This Soap Enhance Skin Complexion And Keeps The Skin Looking Smooth And Youthful.

 Vedankur Kesar soap helps to give your skin a glowing look every time you wash your face. it helps to moisturize your bskin & helps to make it smooth day by day. After its use, you feel refreshing & energetic whole day.


Features  :-

Brand :- Vedankur Keshar Soap
Grade :- I
 Tfm :-  76%tfm
Category :- Premium Bath Soap
Natural Fragrance
100% Vegetable Oil

Impressive Ingredients List : Soap Noodles, Perfumes, EDTA, SLES, Glycerin, Saffron Oil, B.H.T., Wheatgerm Oil, Talcum Powder, Starch Powder, Permitted color, Petroleum Jelly, Purified Water


Why Vedankur Saffron Soap

  • A powerful antioxidant
  • Brightens skin
  • Helps skin recover from environmental stressors

Saffron has anti-fungal properties that help in reducing skin inflammation or pimples. It additionally helps in reducing the occurrence of pimples and zits as well. Vedankur Saffron soap that fights bacteria and gives you glowing and brighter skin.

Vedankur Saffron combination soap   an excellent skin toner providing a burst of nourishment and freshness to the skin

Especially Ingredients Of Saffron Oil :-

Saffron or Kesar is rich in medicinal, antibacterial, and pharmacological properties, making it a go-to ingredient for home-based skincare routines. It helps fight acne, pigmentation, and inflammation and treats dark spots. It is also rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that help enhance skin tone.

Wheatgerm Oil :- It helps in skin repair, heals and prevents scarring. Regular use of wheat germ oil helps reduce oxidative stress, minimize the appearance of wrinkles and helps in maintaining glowing and healthy skin tone. It also provides natural hydration to the skin

Carrot Seed

  • Slows down ageing. Carrot seed oil is a natural anti-ageing serum for your skin! …
  • Soothes the skin. …
  • Inhibits growth of bacteria. …
  • Protects skin from sun damage. …
  • Regulates sebum production. 
  • Helps treat various skin conditions.
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