Benefits :-

  • Ageing
  • Completely safe even for long term use
  • Normalizes body metabolism
  • Restore vigour, vitality and weight
  • anemia
  • General debility 
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MULTIPLEX SYRUP :- A natural health tonic for the whole family

  • Zee Laboratories 
  • 200 ml. With Well Box Pack
Maximum Shelf Life
  • 36 Months
Medicine Standard
  • Grade Standard
Medicine Type
  • Ayurvedic
  • Multiplex tonic Highly potent and palatable ayurvedic tonic
Ideal For
  • Men & Women
 Packaging Type
  • Plastic Bottle
  • 1 to 2 teaspoonful thrice a day ( or as directed by the physician)

Impressive Ingredients List :- Mushali,Makhana,Vidarkenda,Kaunch,Haritaki,Jyotishmati,Shilajeet, Talmakhana, Shatavari, Manjistha, Gokhru,Yashtimadhu,Kasni,Ashawgandha,Jatiphal.

1) Musli is considered as an important medicinal herb. It is known as a rejuvenator, a vitalizer and a health tonic. It can be used for the improvement of health as it restores immunity, reduces symptoms of arthritis and diabetes and is also a potent aphrodisiac

2) Makhana

  • Rich in nutrients. Makhana is an excellent source of several important nutrients and makes a great addition to a healthy, well-rounded diet. 
  • High in antioxidants. 
  • May help stabilize blood sugar levels.
  • May support weight loss. …
  • May have anti-aging properties. 
  • May promote heart health.

3) Kaunch :- works as an aphrodisiac and helps in increasing sexual desire. It helps to improve sperm count and motility. It also helps to increase the production and quantity of semen. Apart from this, Kaunch beej helps reduce physiological stress and improves semen quality.


  • sharpens memory.
  • paralysis.
  • facial palsy.
  • mental health problems.
  • Helps with better sleep.

5)Shilajit:- contains fulvic acid and more than 84 minerals , so it offers numerous health benefits. It can function as an antioxidant to improve your body’s immunity and memory, an anti-inflammatory, an energy booster, and a diuretic to remove excess fluid from your body.

6) Talmakhana :-This powerful herb plays a pivotal role in improving the general stamina and energy level of the body. The active ingredients in talmakhana reduces weakness and fatigue and improves the vitality of the various organs. It also improves the function of the adrenal glands which in turn helps in reducing the stress levels.

7)Manjistha:- is an effective herb to promote healthy liver function. This is because it helps to improve the digestive fire that makes digestion easy and reduces the load on the liver. Manjistha also has a property of Raktashodhak (blood purifier) and Pitta balancing that helps to purify blood and improve liver functions.

8) Jatiphal

  • Nutritional Facts. 
  • Ayurvedic Uses. 
  • Potent Anti-inflammatory Effects.
  • Bolsters Brain Health.
  • Improves Digestion. 
  • Promotes Dental Health. 
  • Healthy Skin.

9) Shatavari :-

  • Antioxidant. The shatavari root produces three antioxidants: racemofuran, asparagamine A, and racemosol. 
  • Antiviral.
  • Boost immune system.
  • Ulcer treatment. 
  • Supports lactation. 
  • Hormone balancing. 
  • Reduce symptoms of menopause.

10) Yashtimadhu

  • Health Benefits of Liquorice/ Yashtimadhu. 
  • Helps Treat Skin Problems. 
  • Helps Treat Respiratory Problems. 
  • Soothes Digestive Ailments. 
  • Helps in Weight Loss. 
  • Alleviates Menopause Problems. 
  • Menstrual And Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) Cramps. 
  • Promotes Oral Health.

Why Multiplex Syrup :-

  • A highly potent and palatable ayurvedic haematinic with a highly palatable taste providing Iron in its natural form for growth and effective rise in haemoglobin and R.B.C. count.
  • An ideal tonic for all ages of both sexes
  • Convalescence
  • A natural tonic to improve the haemoglobin


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