Saves Our Body From Radiation,Pollution And Infections.


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Panchgavya Cow Therapy Soap Is An Excellent Combination Which Brightens  The Skin And Makes It Fresh. Panchgavya Ghrit Made From Cow Milk, Clarified Butter From Cow Milk ,Cow Urine,Curd From Cow Milk And Cow Dung Juice. Panchgavya Not Only Purifies Body But Also Saves Our Body From Radiation ,Pollution And Infections.

Features :

  • Panchagavya cowtherapy soap
  • 76%tfm
  • Grade-i
  • Premium quality herbal soap
  • 100% vegetable oils
  • olive oil
  • Natural fragrance and panchgavya
  • Cow dung
  • Cow urine, cow milk, cow milk, cow ghee, cow curd

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