Panchgavya Soap (pack of 6)

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  • Panchagavya soap is made from medicinal herbs, which has the ability to give you a fresh and glowing skin all day long. The herbs would also prevent infections from germs and clear scars from your skin. The benefits of using Panchagavya soap would make your skin look fresh and also brighten your skin.

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  • Flevour:- Panchgavya
  • Shape:- Round
  • Net Wt:- 100 gm
  • Category:- Premium bath Soap
  • Type Of Packaging:- 100 gm*6  box packaging
  • Category:- Premium Bath Soap
  • Expiry(shelf life) 36 Months From Month Of Manufacture


  • Panchgavya Natural Soap is and excellent combination which brightens the skin and makes it fresh. Panchgavya contains five important products of cow.
  • Panchgavya is used from ancient time of India. Panchgavya not only purifies the body but also saves our body from radiation, pollution and infection


  • Ingredients:-
  • Soap Noodles, Colour:-Pistachio Green, EDTA, SLS, Glycerin, B.H.T, Panchgavya Dhrit, Perfume, Purified Water

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Dimensions 15 × 11 × 11 cm


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