X-ved Capsules (pack of 10)

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Vedankur X-Ved Capsules For Body Weakness

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  • Brand Name:- Vedankur
  • Product Name:- X-ved Capsules
  • Category:- Ayurvedic Capsules
  • Grade Standard:- Medicine Grade
  • Type Of Packaging:- 1*10 Capsules
  • Age Group:- Above 20 Years
  • Expiry(Shelf life) :- 36 Months From Month Of Manufacture


  • Indication:-
  • Sexual Weakness, Loss Of Libido, Vigour, Vitality & Stamina


  • How To Use
  • 1-2 Capsules at bed time prior to coitus or As Directed by the Physician


  • Side Effect:-
  • No Side Effect In Normal Dose


  • Ingredients:-
  • Ashwgandha Extract, Akarkara Extract, Bang Bhasm, Jaiphal Extract, Kant Loh Bhasm, Kaunch Extract Extract, lavang Extract, Safedmusli Extract, Shataver Extract, Shilajeet Extract, Suddh Kuchla


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