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Zebal Hair Solution

For Black Silky & Healthy Hair

Zebal Hari Solution is an Ayurvedic Medicine, Which goes to the roots of the hair and proves its virtue.

Continuous use of Zebal Hair Solution increases the length of hair and is very effective in preventing baldness, grey hair, dandruff and falling/thinning of hair

For thick & long Hair

Cheacks Hair Fall

Prevents Baldness

For nourishment & healthy hair

Controls Dandruff

How To Use:-

Wash the hair with shampoo before applying the medicine for the first time. After the hair become dry,

apply max. drops of medicine on the hair and massage the medicine in the roots of hair with finger

tips for 5-10 minutes is so that the medicine is absorbed in the scalp

if the growth of hair is more then rub the medicine in the the roots of hair only according to the need

comb the hair after the hair become dry. if you want to apply oil, you  may apply oil after the hair become dry

if completely bald then apply medicine on the scalp by palms. Use Zebal hair solution generally in the morning and evening if needed, you can use medicine more than that also

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